harveyjames The colours in this are in almost exact accordance with how I think I should have made the Mighty Jill Off artwork look from the beginning. In case the other two fictional characters judging this contest didn't mention it: this image been hardcoded into a hacked copy of the 1995 PC game 'Doom', so when you quit RERORERO's copy of the game, this is the image it throws up. I have no idea how you would go about doing that without first being Lawnmower Man. This is some kind of genius.
slut is that ascii? it looks REALLY COOL
andonuts I should rank this higher simply because it mentions me. but I do dig the megazeux look... or is that zzt? anyway I'd play this port if it existed.
auntie as harveyjames mentioned, this was submitted in the form of an endoom wad. so rero actually submitted his entry in the form of a game. needless to say, that's the absolute best.