harveyjames Will is pretty much the most generous guy in comics. I'm amazed at how much beautiful work he manages to put out every week. This is great. I like that he's tried imagining what the rest of their world looks like, too. I always pictured the Queen as the ruler of a land of nothing but dead trees and rocks, and other things that don't take long to draw.
slut mecha robo jill is unlocked via super secret cheat code (someday maybe hopefully) i like how pointy it is
andonuts and this is from jill off: revolution, developed exclusively for the xbox 360, after dessco sells the license after years of unsuccessful sequels... the misunderstood black sheep of the series.
the queen In addition to her other responsibilities, Jill is also the head of Research & Development. Really, it's just an excuse to put on a business suit and call Jill into my office for a "dressing down." Which is when I make her take her clothes off. And then flog her for blowing our entire budget on chainsaw dong robots.